Persians Diary end of week 5 August 23, 2014 from ellen

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It is the last day of the fifth week for rehearsals of Persians. Its now that we start to recognize that we could be the fifth Month, and only have just begun to plumb the depths of this magnificent text.

 I’m writing this on Sunday. It’s the luxury that leading on Saturday gives you.  A day to marinate in what happened.

Persians Diary August 20th, 2014 (Posted On behalf of Emily Spalding)

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We are in tech! When did this happen? How did we get here?

Time has been incredibly slippery these last few weeks.  It feels, at moments, like we are on a runaway train…it feels possible that we will blink and the stone seats of the Outdoor Classical Theater will suddenly flood with people. Time is of the essence…in our rehearsals, in our production, in the play.  

PERSIANS journal for Monday, August 18

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Monday, August 18; the first day of our 5th week here @Getty Villa. From today, we’ve got into the new schedule from 1pm to 9pm so we can have more night time at the outside theatre.

We engaged in the end of the play almost whole day. After the training we went to the staging mode without practicing specials: songs, movement, choral speaking, ancient Greek text.

Persians Diary August 19th, 2014

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Tuesday of week 5. The process of staging our play and the process of tech-ing it have intersected. Like a snake eating its tail, today we went back to working on the beginning of the play while not having quite finished the end of it on Monday night.

But for me the day kicks into gear a couple hours before leaving the Oakwood, when Anne, Ellen and I participate via conference phone, in an interview with one of the candidates to join our SITI Company staff. It was a reminder how tough it is for our people back in New York right now, and the load they are carrying as the bulk of the company works on the west coast. A big shout-out tonight to Michelle, Vanessa and Megan!

Persians Diary Wednesday August 12 2014 week four

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Diary for Wednesday August 12, 2014 Getty Villa                      



originally posted August 1, 2014

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This post was originally sent on 8/1/14 to the company in rehearsal at the Getty Villa, while I was in Shanghai, China

From: The SITI foreign correspondence desk:

Persian Diary Sat. August 16 Getty Villa

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Well, first things first.  You know today was Darron’s birthday.  Mine was Friday. “Back in the day” D and I used to host a shared b’day bash every year with our friend and colleague/board members Chris Healy (who shares the day with me) and Dan Smith.  I’m sure there are stories there not appropriate for this diary.  Ellen Lauren and I reminisced that we used to lie on the roof of the old dorm in Toga Japan on this night and watch the annual meteor shower to celebrate with red bean pastries and one-cup sakes for many years running.

A long road- Day Three

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original entry July 24, 2014

Day Three:

It’s been a long road.

Persians Diary August 9th, 2014 (Posted On behalf of Emily Spalding)

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It’s a hot, sunny Sunday morning here in LA.  My favorite kind of morning…just me, my dog and a cup of extra strong coffee.

Yesterday marked the end of our third week of Persians rehearsals at the Getty Villa. While we reverted to a six hour schedule yesterday, the day felt extra long at the end of a long week.  Long, I think, because we’ve reached a pivotal moment in our process. The proverbial rubber hit the road this week.  The work we have been doing to get the numerous specials of our play into our bodies has begun to pay off.

Persians Diary August 8, 2014

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So much of what we do is about building routines. 

Of course we have “routines” that we perform on stage, but more importantly at this point in the process are the countless routines that evolve around the daily repetition of our schedule. How we navigate our preparation in the morning and getting to the cars and driving up to the Getty Villa and going through security. And then the routine of the work day itself and the getting home and the night-time routines of unwinding and studying and reflection and distraction. And we will do this for weeks, parsing out our energy and trying to find the best ways to bring our best selves to the problems at hand. 

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