Persians Diary week 2 August 2 Getty Villa

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Now week two and rain at night, so strange – – – u – u – u –

Emily Spalding's Persian's Journal post for July 30 2014.

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Greetings to all from the Oakwood Marina Del Rey!

While I have lived in LA for several years now, my move to the west side last Sunday felt like a big one…a significant and scary and exciting moment…the kind I’d like to freeze in time and keep in a jar.

Persians Diary July 29, 2014

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This last weekend I had the distinct and singular honor of officiating at the wedding of SITI Company’s beloved Vanessa Sparling’s wedding. I missed rehearsal on Saturday to fly up to Monterey Bay/Carmel by the Sea to say words and sign documents that add up to the official, legal part of Vanessa and Miguel being married. It was amazing. It was beautiful. It was an honor. It was a joy. It was a trip. The two of them wrote vows that blew the top off the whole place.

PERSIANS journal for Monday, July 29 @Getty Villa

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Last evening, I wandered  around the beach mumbling some Greek language with a small paper in my hand. Unusual gestures and faces happened to me occasionally.

GettY Villa Diary PERSIANS Day 2 July 22, 2014

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There is something of the divine, its like touching into something of the divine working at the Getty Villa. For an actor at least. And so making an ancient play is an evocation of sorts. The tasks are no longer pouring honey and oil in libation to contact the powers over heaven and earth. Our tasks rather take the form of simpler things, practical, necessary. But they are to evoke the things that have power over our world nonetheless. Our imaginations.

Conscious Delay

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SITI Company is currently engaged in a three-year project with the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.  Supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, our shared endeavor is entitled Making Communities Visible. The Krannert is an imposing and formidable performing arts center sometimes called “the Lincoln Center of the Midwest.”  But among some constituents of the Champaign-Urbana community, the Krannert is considered elitist and inaccessible.

Notes for a Voyage

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Here is a link to Notes for a Voyage. I recorded the voice over for this while in Saratoga this summer for the Martha Graham Dance Company. Peter Sparling, the director, approached me on a recommendation from the MGCo. members. It was a bit of a quick and dirty recording, the concert was to be in 2 days. I have to say, this was such an honor, as the dancers featured, Blakely, Tadej, Ben and Loyd, are some of the most spectacular dancers in this country if not the world today. 

West Fulton Retreat, Day 2 June 23, 2014

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The Light House

Monday June 23, 2014


Another blog for day two - Light House

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It’s easy to understand, sitting by Stephen’s pond, taking in the rolling hill of his every so verdant and expansive back yard, feeling the surprising force of the wind this early morning, and listening to the the great symphony of natural sounds, the birds, frogs, insects, rippling water and rustling leaves, the hidden creek somewhere close at hand, and watching the dance of the trees the constant movement of the water, the birds diving suddenly from one perch to the next and a hawk soaring at a great distance, and just now a very gentle rain falling like pin pricks on the water, it’s easy

some The Light House visual

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Here is a Vine link to some daily work on The Light House

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