West Fulton Retreat, Day 2 June 23, 2014

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The Light House

Monday June 23, 2014


Another blog for day two - Light House

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It’s easy to understand, sitting by Stephen’s pond, taking in the rolling hill of his every so verdant and expansive back yard, feeling the surprising force of the wind this early morning, and listening to the the great symphony of natural sounds, the birds, frogs, insects, rippling water and rustling leaves, the hidden creek somewhere close at hand, and watching the dance of the trees the constant movement of the water, the birds diving suddenly from one perch to the next and a hawk soaring at a great distance, and just now a very gentle rain falling like pin pricks on the water, it’s easy

some The Light House visual

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Here is a Vine link to some daily work on The Light House


Ann Hamilton / SITIcompany THE LIGHTHOUSE day 1

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Here is day 1 6/22/14 #TheLighthouseProject
We are excited to begin, hard upon the intensive four weeks of our summer program at Skidmore, our new project with Ann Hamilton who is in residence here with us this week in West Fulton.
We met at A

Art as handshake

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My new book, What’s the Story: Essays about Art, Theater and Storytelling, has been published by Routledge Press and is now available in paperback, hardcover and eBook and I am delighted to share it with you.  Many of the original ideas in What’s the Story were developed in the context of my monthly SITI blogs.  After I completed the book last September, I was a bit at a loss about how to continue with the blogs. This loss triggered the proposal for Prompts for Anne and may also explain why the blogs during these past months have been so sporadic. But now that the new book is officially published, I feel refreshed and ready to begin again to develop new ideas towards the next book.

Home from Humana

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Hi all,

Well the last time I blogged was back in our studio, sketching choreographic ideas for Steel Hammer, our collaboration with composer Julia Wolfe and the Bang on a Can All Stars. Now as I write you, I’ve been home for a week, the show was made, performed and our bodies are still recovering. It was definitely an endurance challenge for both performer and audience alike. I’m deeply proud of what we made and so look forward to the next phase when we get to actually put what we made in Louisville together with the band to be performed live. In Louisville we worked with a recording of Julia’s music which was enormously helpful for us, but I think a challenge for an audience. If the band were there playing live, it would have give the audience a little more to hold on to…I think…

Steel Hammer opening

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In my work on siti.org there are many things that I do which are simple tiny little technical things. A few of these tiny technical things come with huge spiritual significance. I did one of those things today. I changed the status of the Steel Hammer page from being “in process” to being a “show”. This is because the show will officially open tonight. It is a moment of exhilarating pride for all of us in the company, as well as a milestone for those who have been working on it directly. Particularly the actors. 


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On Monday of this week, as New York city was steadily brushed by the broad cold white paintbrush of winter, the SITI Conservatory trekked down from our home studio in the Garment district down past the Meatpacking district to the Westbeth, to spend the afternoon working in the Martha Graham’s Company’s beautiful 11th floor, penthouse studio.

SITI Company first worked in this room when we rehearsed our Trojan Women there in preparation for performing it at BAM in 2012. But our shared sense of history in the space went much deeper than that…

"In Progress" pages.

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One of the things that we’ve been hoping to achieve with this website siti.org is to give some context and background information about our productions as they are being created. This is always a tricky thing to do because the process of creating a play is so deeply personal and fraught with doubts and missteps and time spent barking up wrong trees.

Despite this, I feel that it is important to give access to some sense of what a production goes through on its way to the stage, and I think there is interest out there for it.

To this end, we have put together “In Process” pages for two productions we are currently working on: Steel Hammer and Persians.

A Momentous Week!

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Last week was quite the week!

Our conservatory was back in session after winter recess and all the participants came back with their game faces on! We are deep in already and preparing for the final production as yet to be devised and titled. This is the dream time with the participants, a chance to dream up the production and content, what it looks like, sounds like, feels like and how to go about making it. Leon is teaching a special class called Collaboration that will be soley devoted to devising the final production. There are a ton of great ideas and images and sources already. Should be a blast to put together. These artists are very special and work/collaborate so well together. I expect an awesome show! We’ll let you know the details as we get closer to production in May.

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