#ARite daily #3 final reh. before Bard Summer Scape

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A Rite rehearsal for Bard Summer Scape

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Successful theater requires a combination of technique, content and passion.  Like a three legged milking stool, if one of the legs is missing, the entire enterprise collapses.  No one cares about the content of an endeavor without the ingredient of the artist’s requisite passion for the material as well as the craft or technique to express it articulately.  Similarly, without having something to say and a point of view, neither passion nor technique is sufficient. 

What is passion and how can it be cultivated?  Brazilian theater director Augusto Boal, inspired by the ideas of Lope de Vega, insisted that, “Theatre is the passionate combat of two human beings on a platform.” He proposed that passion is a feeling for someone or something, or an idea that we prize more highly than our own life.  Clearly Mr. Boal was a passionate Latin American with high ideals.

Daily #4 SITIsummer13

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Daily #3 SITIsummer2013

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Daily #2 comp day 1

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At the end of 1 week of retreat and CAFE VARIATIONS rehearsal and 1 week of summer intensive training:

Final Getty Villa Diary - Reflections on a 2 week investigative process

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This diary entry has taken me a few days to get out for various reasons but I think, beneficially, has allowed me some time to process some of my thoughts.

Our final day at the Getty Villa began with an early meeting regarding Saratoga and then our ritual drive through Topanga Canyon to the Villa. For whatever reason, every time I’m at the Getty Villa, something in my body is challenged - last time it was my knee and this go around it happened to be my back. Time marches on, apparently. I lead training a bit gingerly that morning but with a big emotion that was a reflection of the circumstance of our final day there. A final day to train - move, speak, explore - in the black box theatre and surrounding spaces that have given me so much over the last few years now. Anne watches, of course, and Ralph and Anna Woo join us and watch as well which, actually, means something. As has been noted in the diaries before me there is a love affair happening between these two organizations and it is certainly well matched.


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I am late with this blog and I feel the pressure of time on my back.  I work on the blog in the five minutes before leaving for rehearsal or on a plane in an uncomfortable seat.  Afterwards of course I reproach myself for not using the extended time on the airplane to write.  Why did I “spend” this precious time watching inflight television?

The ancient Greeks conceived of time in two radically different ways and produced two different words to distinguish one from the other: chronos and kairos.  In English, we have to make do with only one word: time.  This “making do” has led us to confuse these two fundamentally diverse means of experiencing time. 

Chronos is measured time.  Kairos is unbound and unmeasured time. Chronos is quantitative while kairos is qualitative. Chronos is chronological time. It is the difference between time and timing. Any moment can be experienced as either chronos or kairos.  

Final #dailyGETTY

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Just a walk around the Getty.

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