The White Board & Work/Space

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Here at SITI Company my staff and I spend a lot of time encouraging the Company members to share their process either through blogs, videos or in person with our donors and board members.  I firmly believe that sharing the stories about why and how we develop SITI productions is a crucial tool in audience building and donor engagement because at the end of the day the quality of our relationship to people is more important than the number of tickets sold or the size of the donation.  I’m certain that many of you follow Anne’s monthly blogs and derive as much joy from reading them as I do.  I also hope you’ve been able to read Leon’s blogs announcing SITI Work/Space and SITI Thought Center, and if you haven’t I encourage you to do so.  Now it seems, the tables have been turned and they’ve asked me to write about the practical realities of making something like Work/Space happen and why Leon is telling the world about the white board in my office.

How To Embody Time

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As a midyear transfer student at Bard College, I stood on a long line to sign up for a popular theater class taught by Bill Driver, the chair of the theater department who would soon become my first directing teacher. Sitting quietly at a small desk, Driver seemed to ignore the frantic atmosphere of impatient students vying for places in his classes. After what felt like an interminable wait, I finally stood before him, surprised to find him relaxed and present with me, interested in who I was and where I came from. Despite the surrounding chaos, he seemed neither rushed nor harried.

Spotlight: Shura Baryshnikov

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On Facebook and here on the SITI Company blog, SITI has been spotlighting alumni of our many training programs. Today, we have the great pleasure of spotlighting Shura Baryshnikov. Shura is an interdisciplinary performer, movement designer, and choreographer working in both dance and theatre.

Spotlight: Travis Russ

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On Facebook and here on the SITI Company blog, SITI has been spotlighting alumni of our many training programs. Today, we have the great pleasure of introducing you to Travis Russ. Travis is the founding Artistic Director of Life Jacket Theatre Company, a company focused on creating works based on real events. Travis is an Associate Professor at Fordham University, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in communication and performance.


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Many years ago my T’ai Chi Chuan teacher Jean Kwok made a trip to Hong Kong. On her first morning in the city she walked into a nearby park to practice her form. The large park was filled with many separate groupings of people and individuals moving fluidly through a wide variety of styles of T’ai Chi Chuan. Developed by different families in China over the course of the centuries, there are literally hundreds of distinctly different forms of T’ai Chi. Jean walked around the park observing the variations in form with great interest.

Spotlight: Jessica Burr

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On Facebook and here on the SITI Company blog, SITI has been spotlighting alumni of our many training programs. Today, we have the great pleasure of introducing you to Jessica Burr. Jessica is the Artistic Director of Blessed Unrest, a company committed to producing dynamic, disciplined, and exuberant new works for the stage in New York City and abroad, building original pieces and reconstructing established texts with its diverse ensemble of artists.


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Are you successful? 

Do you feel successful? 

What does success even mean to you? 

Do these questions feel familiar to you?

Does it seem like I’m about to try and sell you something?

The question “Am I successful?” is on our minds a lot more than we let on. This is not only because it is a trickier thing to evaluate than we are led to believe, but we tend to think that to ask the question at all is to implicitly answer it in the negative. 


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It occurs to me that there is nothing inherently valuable about authenticity. 

I recently attended a screening of City Of Gold; the excellent documentary about Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold. After the movie there was a Q&A with Mr. Gold and Peter Meehan of Lucky Peach. Someone in the audience asked Mr. Gold if he ever traveled to the various countries where the cuisines that he explores in LA originate, in order to calibrate his palate with what would be presumed to be authentic examples of the dishes.

Selena Vela: My New Theater Company

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SITI Alum Selena Vela is starting a web-thing and she did an interview with me on it. Here are a couple of excepts:

Theatre is inherently dynamic. That’s why its ephemerality is not a bug. It’s a feature. It’s the essential feature of theater. Because theater is being created in the present moment, it’s able to deal with the moving target that is the mystery of existence. Truth is not static…
see, even that statement is self-contradicting, when you say it in words. It’s one of those ideas that cannot be expressed in language. You have to create something that embodies it.

Introducing: SITI Thought Center

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People sometimes wonder why we are called the SITI Company. What is SITI

When we originally came together in 1993, we called ourselves the Saratoga International Theater Institute. And the intention was that we would hold symposiums and panel discussions and talks along with performances. In our first two summers in Saratoga we did conduct these activities, but as time went on we became more and more focused on our performances.

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