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Hi, I changed my profile picture since I’d changed the appearance in public with my natural grey hair. 

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Bacchae @Getty Villa diary 2018.07.30

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Bacchae @Getty Villa Diary 2018.07.30


1st day of the 2nd week with 3 new faces in the room!


Aaron Poochigian: our Bacchae translater.

Eleni Kyriacou: costume designer from Greece.

Kelly Maurer: from SITI to help Chorus work (I mean, everything)


Today’s rehearsal was charged with energy and passion.

How lucky I am to work with these wonderful people in this artistic place on this difficult/tricky but important play!


SITI Summer Theater Workshop @Skidmore 2016 is coming!

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Dear  friends;

Please allow me to re-post my personal Skidmore summer memory here again. (I posted this in March 2015 on facebook.) I edited a bit this time.


Before Joining SITI company, I participated the summer workshop @Skidmore College in 1995 & 1996. In those days, my English was a mess. I was in a kind of lost status after quitting from Suzuki Company of Toga.

the theater is a blank page @Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH: some random thoughts afterwards

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My dearest friend, Tom asked me “How did it go?”. And I tried my best to answer.  

I’m still digesting about the experience of “the theater is a blank page”. It was deep, meaningful and somehow ephemeral.

Here are some random thoughts.

the theater is a blank page: diary_thursday, 4.9.2015

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Hello friends, 

“the theater is a blank page” team came to Columbus, OH at the end of the last week, and began to explore our journey.

PERSIANS journal for Wednesday, August 27

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Invited Dress rehearsal from 8pm. We did it! Learned a lot more about our “Persians” performing in front of some 100 audience. Thank you to people who came.
10:02pm I saw some Getty staff were still there, huddling at the center of stage. How lucky we are! supported by amazing people.

PERSIANS journal for Monday, August 18

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Monday, August 18; the first day of our 5th week here @Getty Villa. From today, we’ve got into the new schedule from 1pm to 9pm so we can have more night time at the outside theatre.

We engaged in the end of the play almost whole day. After the training we went to the staging mode without practicing specials: songs, movement, choral speaking, ancient Greek text.

PERSIANS journal for Thursday, August 7

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At the last part of the rehearsal, we experimented the entrance of Messenger. With Emily’s brilliant idea, we ran around holding the edge of huge fabric which is hung from the top of balcony. Filled with the wind, it looked like the sails of boats, or restless waves, or the deep breathing of the museum building.
It was another inspiring day.

PERSIANS journal for Monday, July 29 @Getty Villa

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Last evening, I wandered  around the beach mumbling some Greek language with a small paper in my hand. Unusual gestures and faces happened to me occasionally.

SITI diary/blog Nov 11-17 cafe variations adventure in seattle

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Time flies…  I’m sorry for the delay of diary/blog entry.

sun. nov. 17  The sky was so beautiful on the flight back to NYC.  This week started a bit heavy hearted, thinking of the people of The Philippines.  When this kind of event happens, my heart aches.  And looking around, I notice that some of my friends are facing to really difficult situation.  I should reduce my complaining about small things.

Shout out for Kelly, Megan C. and Barney for their teaching marathon.  Thank you!  

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Ok, now, back to monday, 11-11

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