SITI Conservatory Spotlight: Gabriela Barretto

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Throughout the 2016-2017 Conservatory year, SITI is spotlighting the work of each of our Conservatory members. Today, we spotlight Gabi Barretto. 


What is your name, and where in the world are you from?

My name is Gabriela Barretto and I am from São Paulo, Brasil.

SITI Conservatory Spotlight: Andrea Ang

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We’ve reached week 8 of the Conservatory. This week we spotlight Andrea Ang, who speaks about becoming a theater maker. 

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SITI Conservatory Spotlight: Aston Hollins McClanahan

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Each week during our 2016-2017 Conservatory year, SITI is highlighting the work of one member of our Conservatory ensemble. This week, we feature Aston Hollins McClanahan.

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SITI Conservatory Spotlight: Jacob Louchheim

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It’s week four of the Conservatory, and today we are happy to spotlight the work of Conservatory Artist Jacob Louchheim.


Conservatory Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Taylor

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This October, SITI welcomed 18 artists from around the world to the SITI Conservatory. Over the next eight months, we’ll highlight the work of one Conservatory Artist each week. Today, we’re sharing an interview with Jonathan Taylor, the Artistic Director of In The Water Theatre Company and a member of the Conservatory Ensemble. 

Moving the piano: a conversation between two ensembles

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Impressions of the ConArtists after a week-long residency at Double Edge Theatre with the SITI Company

By Ria Samartzi

Thinking back on our time in Ashfield many images come to mind, training in the barn, frolicking in the snow, mountains of kale, the endless supply of coffee and the conversations that accompanied it and moving pianos. 

But before any of that of course, we had to leave New York City. We arrived at open space, quiet and an entirely different time signature. 

‘We received a Wonderful, generous welcome from Double Edge today. They welcomed us with delicious food and then performed for us, a stunning, athletic, beautiful survey of the entire 20th century called The Grand Parade. Then they fed us again.’

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