Persians Diary Tuesday September 2nd 2014

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We started again yesterday after a luxurious and much-needed two days off. Our bodies and brains needed it - some time to rest and gain a little perspective on all that we have been immersed in.

Persians Diary August 22nd 2014

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How does it all begin… Bondo’s beginning line from Antigone rings
through my mind. I love that line, repeated over and over again in
that script, and how Bondo delivered it.

Where are we?
What are we doing?
What are we saying?
How are we saying it?
Who are we talking to?
What does it mean?

And… of course… how does it all end?

Persians Diary August 1st 2014

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While a child or children aren’t as large a part of the story of this piece as they are in Trojan Women there are a few lines that speak of them. For instance, describing the Persians waiting for news of the outcome of the war -

“Their wives and children mark the days
Shuddering as the time drags on.”

Persians Diary - Day 1 - 7/21/14

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Well, another stage in SITI’s journey with the Greeks and the Getty Villa began today. The challenge this time around is to do a full production of Aeschylus’ The Persians, or as we have decided to title our version, “Persians”. The first extant play in the western canon, it is a challenge to be sure and, of course, one that we decided to embrace.

SITI Diary November 4 - 10

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There are weeks, days, moments in life where you think you are right on the edge of not being able to handle what is being asked of you. And I know as I re-read that sentence that it seems laughable given the amount of things that I and the other members of the SITI faculty are currently asking of our SITI Conservatory company members. It also seems silly given the fact that my wife and I have a baby on the way and, from what people have been telling me, I don’t yet know anything about what it means to be overwhelmed and underprepared. Anyhow, for better or for worse - and even though I know the repercussions of “failing” are pretty small compared with what many people have to deal with in the world - I did have a moment of feeling completely overwhelmed this past week.

Final Getty Villa Diary - Reflections on a 2 week investigative process

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This diary entry has taken me a few days to get out for various reasons but I think, beneficially, has allowed me some time to process some of my thoughts.

Our final day at the Getty Villa began with an early meeting regarding Saratoga and then our ritual drive through Topanga Canyon to the Villa. For whatever reason, every time I’m at the Getty Villa, something in my body is challenged - last time it was my knee and this go around it happened to be my back. Time marches on, apparently. I lead training a bit gingerly that morning but with a big emotion that was a reflection of the circumstance of our final day there. A final day to train - move, speak, explore - in the black box theatre and surrounding spaces that have given me so much over the last few years now. Anne watches, of course, and Ralph and Anna Woo join us and watch as well which, actually, means something. As has been noted in the diaries before me there is a love affair happening between these two organizations and it is certainly well matched.
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