originally posted August 1, 2014

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This post was originally sent on 8/1/14 to the company in rehearsal at the Getty Villa, while I was in Shanghai, China

From: The SITI foreign correspondence desk:

A long road- Day Three

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original entry July 24, 2014

Day Three:

It’s been a long road.

Connecting to the SITI Conservatory

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To my old friends and new ones at the wonderful  Inaugural class of the SITI Conservatory.  I started this 2 weeks ago in LA but forgot to post it. So pardon the belated entry.  j.


Hello from Los Angeles where people are all wearing jackets and coats as the weather here has dropped from 80* F last Sunday to 44 *F last night. Today is Friday and the temperature is supposed to drop to below 40 this evening as I write this in my office at UCLA. The campus is in Westwood just east of Santa Monica and the ocean so it does gets cooler here at night than downtown LA where I am staying now. Today was my last class for the fall quarter but I am staying to see an evening performance of a Greek comedy by a graduate director, I am especially interested in her work since Eliza will be applying for the SITI Summer Intensive at Skidmore….And that is somewhat common in my life out here now – how to keep and maintain my relationship with my company and so now to you, the members of our inaugural SITI Conservatory class.

Getty Villa Day Three : May 15, 2013

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Day 3 and 1/2  actually

I am starting this late and  will surely not finish until this evening after day 4…but so it goes.
Last night just as I was finishing supper and about to start my section of the daily blog…. the doorbell rang.. or someone knocked….. long conversations and a few drinks later I went to bed my report undone.
but to back up.
Some early memories of our amazing days here.
I had been in LA since late Friday evening having flown here from Windsor Ontario, via Detroit for 2 Saturday meetings (which caused me too miss the GALA). 
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