November 9th 2016

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The daily commute to the SITI office this morning was greyer than usual and it wasn’t just the overcast sky or that New Yorkers have donned their seasonal black and grey ensembles.  No it was so much more than that. The city was tinged with sleeplessness, disappointment, grief, fear, disbelief, and for some ambivalence.  There are those who didn’t dare to hope because they’ve seen enough of the world to expect disappointment, but I wasn’t one of them.  I know I wasn’t alone in that. 

I am at my core a planner, an action orientated person who searches for solutions.  This is one reason why I work in arts administration; to help order creative chaos in a way that allows it to flourish. So as I sit at my desk this morning the questions that run through my mind are: what can we do now?  How can we be better advocates for the issues we find important?  How can we as a field amplify the voices and the stories that simply cannot go unheard over the next four years? Can theater and the performing arts help to heal the cavernous divide in this country and illuminate common ground?   I’m not the only one asking these questions and I certainly do not have all the answers.  But there are a few things that I feel strongly about at the moment.

The White Board & Work/Space

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Here at SITI Company my staff and I spend a lot of time encouraging the Company members to share their process either through blogs, videos or in person with our donors and board members.  I firmly believe that sharing the stories about why and how we develop SITI productions is a crucial tool in audience building and donor engagement because at the end of the day the quality of our relationship to people is more important than the number of tickets sold or the size of the donation.  I’m certain that many of you follow Anne’s monthly blogs and derive as much joy from reading them as I do.  I also hope you’ve been able to read Leon’s blogs announcing SITI Work/Space and SITI Thought Center, and if you haven’t I encourage you to do so.  Now it seems, the tables have been turned and they’ve asked me to write about the practical realities of making something like Work/Space happen and why Leon is telling the world about the white board in my office.

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