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SITI Conservatory

26 weeks | Full time 

Training to Listen | Speak | Move | Write | Create

Every other year, SITI Company invites 20 independent, courageous theater artists to the SITI Conservatory ensemble, which trains together for 26 weeks, usually from October through May.

The next Conservatory program will take place in 2018-2019, with applications opening in December of 2017. 

Conservatory artists participate in an immersive, rigorous program with an emphasis on training for performance and the generation of new work for the stage. The Conservatory trains theater artists to emerge with classically trained bodies, contemporary sensibilities, and rich flexible intellects. 

Work alongside SITI. Conservatory Artists participate in the life of SITI Company over the course of the year: training with the company in the mornings; taking classes, rehearsing, and pursuing independent research in the afternoons; and developing new work in the evenings. 

The Conservatory contributes to SITI’s vibrant life as a center for new artistic creation. Joining the Conservatory cohort means that you are entering into the life of an active theater company. We are seeking artists who are ready for a year of intense training, research, collaboration, and performance. 

Classes include daily training in the Suzuki Method and the Viewpoints, in addition to subjects such as the following:

  • Composition: devising new works as an ensemble
  • Creating: adapting material from other disciplines for the stage
  • Listening: applying the training to work with a script
  • Speaking: developing a rigorous approach to breathing for the demands of speaking onstage
  • Moving: practicing a joyful approach to somatics, movement, and dance
  • Playwriting Lab: reading and staging contemporary texts
  • Additional workshops and Master Classes with Guest Artists from other approaches and disciplines. 

The program culminates in a public performance in New York City. 

Who should apply:

Although open to a multi-disciplinary spectrum of artists, the core training of the Conservatory has been developed to support actors and directors making ensemble-based theater work. 

Dancers, playwrights, performance artists, visual artists, and others who do not identify as actors are welcome and encouraged to apply, but all artists will need to articulate how they hope to use their Conservatory year to support their current artistic practice. All artists should also be prepared to participate in daily Suzuki and Viewpoints training and will actively engage in all classes. Please note that SITI Conservatory is not accredited and is not a teacher-training program.

 Admission Requirements

1. The Application fee is $75, payable via check made out to SITI Company or via credit card through SITI’s PayPal account. 

2. Prior training: Applicants must have either a BA/BFA, an international equivalent, or possess extraordinary artistic credentials that are considered the equivalent of an undergraduate education.

3. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

4. Visas: Applicants who do not have residency status in the United States will require a visa. SITI is prepared to assist accepted artists in the process of obtaining a J-1 trainee visa. Fees for these visas range from $750 to $1,750, in addition to a visa fee of $180. Applicants should first apply to the Conservatory. The visa process will commence upon notification of acceptance. For more information, please write to 

5. Applicants who do not speak English as a first language may be required to take a Wonderlic Basic Skills Test.

6. All applicants must submit a complete SITI Conservatory Online Application, which opens in December 2017. The application asks you to answer a number of short essay questions about your artistic goals, complete a financial planning document/budget, and upload a work sample and two reference letters. 

7. Artists who have not trained with SITI are strongly encouraged to attend an audition, dates will be announced once the application has opened.

8. There is a separate application for Financial Aid.

Withdraw Policy

Artists who withdraw from the program will receive a full refund of tuition minus an administration fee if withdrawal is before the first day of training. Their deposit of $1,250 and the application fee of $75 are nonrefundable. Artists who must, for whatever reason, withdraw on or after the first day of training will receive a refund of tuition minus deposit and application fee in the following manner:

Withdrawal during the first or second calendar week from opening date: 80%

Withdrawal within the third calendar week from opening date: 65%

Withdrawal within the fourth calendar week from opening date: 50%

Withdrawal within or after the fifth calendar week from opening date: None.

Cancellation Policy

Artists will receive a full refund of tuition in the case of cancelled program. Application fees are non-refundable.



Please see our Conservatory FAQ if you have further questions. You may also e-mail us at conservatory(at) 


Please see our Conservatory FAQ.