SITI Conservatory FAQ


When is the next Conservatory?

SITI offers the Conservatory every other year. The next Conservatory year will begin in October 2018 and conclude in May 2019. 

When will the application be available?

Applications for the third Conservatory cohort will open on December 15, 2017 at  

How much does the Conservatory cost?

The tuition for 2018-2019 is $15,000 for the full year, due 30 days before the start of the program. We also recommend that you budget a minimum of $1,300 per month for cost-of-living expenses. As part of the program application, you will be asked to share a budget with us.

SITI does not discriminate on the basis of socioeconomic status! However, we are seeking artists who understand the cost of living in New York City for a year and have made a viable plan to support themselves. 

Does SITI offer financial aid?

SITI has a limited number of partial scholarships on a need and merit basis. Any artist who is interested in being considering for financial aid must submit an application, which includes submitting your tax return and a written statement. All artists who are awarded aid are  offered work/study positions, where they serve as interns for half of the Conservatory year.

Financing a year of intensive artistic work is a big decision, and applicants are welcome to reach out to the SITI staff to discuss their plans for fundraising for both tuition costs and living expenses. Some Conservatory artists have successfully received outside grants or relied on crowdfunding to support their Conservatory year.

Can SITI sponsor Visas for participants without US Residency status?

SITI Conservatory will able to host international students with J-1 trainee visas.  SITI has partnered with a third party agency and an immigration attorney to assist students in this process. Student visa fees will range from $930 to $1,750, plus the Visa Fee of $180.  Prospective artists should first apply to the Conservatory, and the visa process will proceed upon notification of acceptance. For more information, please write to

What are the language requirements?

All classes will be taught in English, and artists should come prepared to collaborate in this language. Participants who do not speak and read English as a first language may be required to pass a Wonderlic or TOEFL Exam.  These exams measure English reading and reasoning proficiency. 

What is the application process?

Applicants will submit a complete appiication (including personal statements, a budget worksheet, a work sample, two letters of recommendation, a resume, and a headshot). Finalists will then be invited to interview via Skype or in person. Admissions decisions will be sent on a rolling basis, and we expect to send notifications on February 1, March 1, April 2, and May 1.

When will I be notified of acceptance?

Notification of acceptance is sent on a rolling basis. We expect to send notificaitons on February 1, March 1, April 2, and May 1. Acceptance packets will include an enrollment agreement and payment information. Enrollment agreements and deposit are due within 30 days of your acceptance into the program in order to hold your space in the Cosnervatory ensemble. 

Is housing provided?

SITI Company cannot help artists secure housing but does offer some suggestions and resources to begin your search. Participants will be responsible for sourcing their own accommodations for the duration of the conservatory, from October 2018 - May 2019. 

Can I work during the program?

Training takes place every day, usually from 10am to 5:30 pm, and artists also schedule their own rehearsals on the evenings and weekends. Some Conservatory artists have held part-time jobs on weekends and evenings, though it requires excellent time management.

What classes are offered other than Suzuki & Viewpoints?

The curriculum is comprised of SITI Company core training in Suzuki and Viewpoints and specialized classes including Speaking, Moving, Composition, Listening, and Creating. The latter half of the year is focused on Suzuki & Viewpoints training, rehearsals, and performance. SITI Company members and, occasionally, guest artists will lead classes. 

Where does training take place?

Training is conducted at SITI Company’s Zeisler studio in New York City, located at 520 Eighth Avenue, Suite 310. Artists may contact Megan Hanley, the Education Manager at SITI, if they would like to visit the space or discuss the program at 212.868.0860 x104.

Will there still be regular SITI training programs?

The SITI Conservatory is offered every other year. In years when the Conservatory is not in session,  SITI Company members offer intensive training studios. Our annual Skidmore Intensive takes place every year in June. Please click here to find out more about SITI training opportunities.

Will completion of the Conservatory result in a teaching certificate? 

The SITI Conservatory is not an accredited institution and will not provide a certificate. Please note that this program is not intended as a teacher training program. 

What kind of artist should apply? Actors? Directors? Dancers? Can Visual Artists apply?

The program seeks artists with diverse skills, interests and backgrounds. Artists from any discipline are welcoem to apply. However, the focus of the program will be upon performance and creation of new work from a performance perspective. Regardless of background, all participants will be encouraged to carve their own path within the program while participating fully in training. 

Will Anne Bogart be teaching?

Anne occasionally leads classes or attends Cosnervatory events, but the teaching faculty is made up of SITI’s acting company. All classes will be taught by SITI company members and select guest artists who reflect SITI’s core training and a wider perspective on approaches to training. 

How many artists will be accepted?

We expect to accept 15-20 artists.


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