October 16, 2017
Martin E. Segal Theatre Center

For this SITI Thought Center: Perspectives event, SITI will co-host Ben Spatz and the team behind the project “Judaica: An Embodied Laboratory for Song-Action”. Check back for more information!

What happens when we frame embodied practice as research rather than training? What political and strategic doorways might be opened — including but not only in relation to academic institutions — by naming the source, transmission, and continuing evolution of training methods and approaches as not just training but also research? What claims might be made if we take seriously the idea that this is not just applied research, which can be used to make theatrical works, but also a kind of pure research into human embodiment and therefore human existence?

During this Thought Center seminar, the Judaica project team will offer a provocative introduction to the concept pure research in performance and ask challenging questions about the politics of training. The Judaica project is a two-year academic research project, funded by the UK government’s Arts and Humanities Research Council, which includes six months of full-time embodied research involving three skilled practitioners in a studio laboratory. The project investigates the embodied technique of songwork, which may be applied as a form of performer training or a compositional strategy but is primarily understood as an area of pure research.

The Judaica team will offer glimpses into their laboratory process, including a live demonstration and video screenings, before opening a conversation on pure research and the politics of training.

FREE and open to the public (first come first served). More information here!