PERSIANS journal for Monday, July 29 @Getty Villa

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Last evening, I wandered  around the beach mumbling some Greek language with a small paper in my hand. Unusual gestures and faces happened to me occasionally. I guess people on the shore thought I was a crazy person.

When we are working on the new play, I sometimes feel it like climbing a steep mountain step by step. This time, this is the sea. Vast & deep. Aaron Poochigian’s wonderful sea of English. The sea of Greek guided by amazing Shelby. Victor’s marvelous sea of the music. We are swimming, swimming & swimming…

I believe in Anne’s words. “Information overloaded —> people will find the pattern”. Gambatte (sounds like one of Persian’s names but actually this is a Japanese word for encouragement) my brain…

Monday, July 29. The first day of the second week was great. 

I lead the suzuki training. (If you are the person who is not familiar with the training terminology, apologies. This is my typical memo for the training.)

- up&down speaking stanza #1~5 in 3 positions
- walking on Muttt’s music with arm structures inspired from the museum visit the other day (until high toe)
- basic #3 speaking the name list arranged by Ellen Lauren until Parthus.  So 13 more names to go!

Then we tackled chorus’s first unison movement. More ideas came in. I adore my colleague.

Viewpoints session under Anne’s guidance, speaking stanza #1 in Greek, then shift to English.
Thank you, Claire, for standing in for J.Ed.!

Music rehearsal lead by Darron. How lucky we are!  He is/will be here for entire rehearsal term. We worked on more details. 
After 20 minutes break, we did the table work with Shelby. The new door was opened. “stanza #2” in Greek! Then, we continued to work on script. 

When our stage manager Ellen Mezzera called the end of day, we all were surprised. “Already!?” The time here has been dense and rich. And I am very thankful for working on this play, now, at this place with very artistic, beautiful human beings.

How’s your summer going?
I hope you all are fine wherever you are.

much love,

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