Radio Macbeth (Photo by Michael Brosilow)

Radio Macbeth

February 2007
Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio

Radio Macbeth takes place late at night in the guts of an abandoned theater. Actors circle restlessly around the common shared warmth of a rehearsal table, moving through the bullet of Shakespeare’s briefest and perhaps most magnetic play. Around them, in the perimeter of the space, the ghosts of all previous productions hover and encroach. The spirits of ambition, violence, fortune, fate, free will, hubris, vengeance, pride, indecision, paradox, the eternal male-female conflict and madness flicker and glow. The actors cling to the sanity of words while the chaos of history grows to be undeniably present with them in the room.

“Will bring theater lovers to their knees.” —The New York Sun

Note about process:

Three years ago I directed SITI Company in our very first Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The production continues to tour and gain fans and momentum. The collision of Shakespeare’s highly poetic sensibilities and the classically trained actors of the Company make for the alchemy of galvanizing theater. We are embarking upon our next adventure with Shakespeare, this time by means of Macbeth. Following the formula of Radio Play, our staging of Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater on the Air’s War of the Worlds, we are approaching Radio Macbeth through a very special lens. —Anne Bogart

“Anne Bogart’s SITI Company captured that sound and fury better than many traditional productions of the Bard’s bloody drama. … Another signature SITI piece with timeless appeal …. kaleidoscopic spin as well as a propulsive power. … Full of passion, pride and terrible tragedy. …. Compelling minimalism, adroitly condensing an already-tight drama into an operatic ghost story. … Bogart’s company sheds new light—and reveals new levels of darkness—on a classic about the price of power-lust.” —The Columbus Dispatch

Akiko Aizawa: 
Angus, Fleance, Lennox, Seyton, Son, Young Siward


Will Bond: 
Duncan, Macduff, Murderer, Doctor


Gian-Murray Gianino: 
Ross, Messenger, Donnalbain, Murderer, Siward


Ellen Lauren: 
Lady Macbeth


Kelly Maurer:
Witch, Porter, Lady Macduff, Gentlewoman


Barney O’Hanlon:
Banquo, Malcolm, Murderer, Servant


Stephen Webber: 


Co-Directed by:
Anne Bogart
Darron L West


Created & Performed by:
SITI Company

Adapted from the play by William Shakespeare


Lighting Design: 
Brian H Scott


Set and Costume Design: 
James Schuette


Sound Design: 
Darron L West       


J. Ed Araiza


Assistant to Director: 
Laura Gale


Production Assistant:
Gabel Eiben


Assistant Sound Designer: 
Emily Wright


Costume Construction: 
Elizabeth Baggett Carlin


Properties Design:
Jason Szalla


Original Stage Manager: 
Elizabeth Moreau


Executive Director: 
Megan Wanlass

Commissioned by the Wexner Center and by SITI Company with support from the Leading National Ensemble Theatres Program, a joint initiative of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and additional support by the National Endowment for the Arts, The Edith Lutyens and Norman Bel Geddes Foundation, the Tobin Theater Arts Fund and the Fan Fox & Leslie R. Samuels Foundation.

Radio Macbeth received workshop support from the Under the Radar Festival at the Public Theater in New York City.