SITI Thought Center

SITI Thought Center

SITI Company is a group of citizen artists trying to offer an open conversation for our global society. SITI Thought Center is a reimagining of our studio as a place not only of training and rehearsal, but also of public exchange and sharing of ideas. We are opening SITI’s sphere to the larger world, and interacting with our community in new ways. You are a vital part of SITI Thought Center. The core of Thought Center is conversation, and we see conversation as a process by which all participants are changed and affected by each other. Thought Center is interactive. We want to listen. We want to learn. We want to change.

2019 Thought Center Events: 

Thought Center 2019 is built on a foundation of intergenerational exchange. Each event will feature theater artists, mangers, and leaders of different generations, shifting our lens to different roles within the field. A rare opportunity to join SITI Company Members in intimate conversations with theater makers of all ages. Ask questions of people you may not normally find yourself in a room with, and be challenged to learn from those you may not normally turn to. 



On Directing 
Wednesday, November 13 2019  
7-9 PM 

Anne Bogart interviews Raja Feather Kelly in this brilliant meeting of minds to discuss the unique challenges, delights, and questions facing theater directors today. The two artists will discuss their origins, their history of making art, and the ways they conceive of artist practice in today’s tumltuous times. 




Understanding the Landscape
Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Roundtable Conversation, moderated by SITI Company Co-Artistic Director, Leon Ingulsrud

How do artists of different generations interact in the theater today? Are we defined by generations? Is there a ‘generation gap? Leon Ingulsrud leads a roundtable conversation on what different generations of theater makers value and practice. Join us in gaining an understanding of the divides, discussing the challenges, and figuring out what each generation can learn from the other. 

On Managing and Producing
Monday, July 22, 2019 

SITI Company’s Executive Director Michelle Preston hosts an open conversation with a talented, diverse group of theater managers and producers to discuss best practices for our work in today’s changing theatrical landscape. 

Featured Guests:   
Renee Blinkwolt, Managing Director, Ars Nova
Amy Cassello, Associate Producer, Next Wave Festival at BAM
Hope Chavez, Programs Manager at A.R.T./New York & Freelance Producer
Roberta Pereira, Producing Director at Playwrights Realm & Theater Producer

A New Culture of Theater Design 
Monday, September 30, 2019  
7-9 PM 

Join SITI Company’s resident designers James Schuette and Darron L West as we host an open conversation with an intergenerational group of designers to discuss questions of race & gender and how these dynamics help the culture and aesthetics of theater design evolve. 

Featured Guests:

Dina El-Aziz, costume designer 
Alejandro Fajardo, lighting designer
Beth Goldenberg, costume designer 
Beth Lake, sound designer 
Porsche McGovern, lighting designer