SITI Thought Center

SITI Thought Center

Recently, SITI has been attempting to succinctly answer the question, “What is SITI Company?” This is no easy task - SITI is so many things! But one thing that we are, and have always been, is a group of citizen artists trying to offer an open conversation for our global society. We are pleased, therefore, to launch SITI Thought Center, which, along with SITI Work/Space, is a reimagining of our studio as a place not only of training and rehearsal, but also of public exchange and sharing of ideas. We are opening SITI’s sphere to the larger world, and interacting with our community in new ways. Some Thought Center events will be focused on specific topics around our work, like our upcoming ticketed “Cage Conversations” about the composer John Cage. Our “Perspectives” series, which will be free to the public, will bring artists and other thinkers with diverse points of view of the world into our studio for talks and presentations.

In addition to these events in our studio and other venues, SITI Thought Center will also endeavor to deliver videos and other media about our work and interests to you through a variety of channels: conventional publishing, social media and whatever else the future holds in store. But you are a vital part of SITI Thought Center. We don’t want it to be a one-way exchange. The model for SITI Thought Center is conversation, and we see conversation as a process by which all participants are changed and affected by each other. We want Thought Center to be interactive. We want to listen. We want to learn. We want to change.

So in the coming months and years, look for SITI Thought Center to open up the SITI-sphere, and come join us!

For information on upcoming Thought Center events, check the right sidebar.



Pure Research and the Politics of Training
with Ben Spatz
Monday, October 16, 6:30pm
Martin E. Segal Theatre Center


Collaboration Conversations
with Anne Bogart & Helene P. Foley
Tuesday, November 14, 7:00pm