SITI Work/Space

The process behind each SITI Company project is unique to each work, allowing us to pursue our specific interests in the subject matter before us and adapting to the production: sometimes devising work, sometimes performing classics, sometimes working with living playwrights.

Trojan Women (After Euripides)

September 2011

A highly modernized adaptation of Euripides’ anti-war drama, a meditation on the moments of individual choice that separate death and life, despair and hope, future and past.


October 2009

Irish writer Jocelyn Clarke’s starkly contemporary retelling of Sophocles’ classic tale of family loyalty, patriotism, war and the powers of the state.Teaser copy goes here.


February 1998

A solo show revolving around the life and times of avant garde theater director Robert Wilson—an engaging perspective on family, art and American culture.

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