Transformation through Training

Symposium on the Suzuki Method for Actor Training

May 31 - June 3, 2017

Skidmore College

Saratoga Springs, NY

Often we hear acting referred to as a form of play. But we must be careful how we define ‘play’ in the theatre. For me, this ‘play’ is not simply an attempt to amuse oneself or others, but a way to make people think critically of the world and struggle to ponder the ways we might improve it.

SITI Thought Center

SITI Company is a group of citizen artists trying to offer an open conversation for our global society. SITI Thought Center is a reimagining of our studio as a place not only of training and rehearsal, but also of public exchange and sharing of ideas. We are opening SITI’s sphere to the larger world, and interacting with our community in new ways. You are a vital part of SITI Thought Center.

SITI Social Media

SITI Company on Social Media

SITI Company’s diverse activities happen all over the world and our friends, family and fans are spread near and far. Increasingly Social Media is becoming a powerful, effective and fun way for the Company to interact with our community and keep people informed and engaged.

20th Anniversary Celebration

In 2012, SITI Company entered our 20th year as a nonprofit theater company. In 1992, SITI Company was founded under the guiding mission of redefining and revitalizing contemporary theater in the United States through an emphasis on international cultural exchange and collaboration.  Now, twenty years later, this ensemble of seventeen artists is still united around the same vision.



It is impossible to simply state what the philosophy of the SITI Company is. Not only is the SITI Company a collective of artists, each with their own individual take on the company and its work, but the work of the company is constantly evolving; growing and changing as it moves through time and responds to a changing world.


We often say in rehearsal, that “Ideas are cheap.” It’s true. Ideas are a dime a dozen and often don’t amount to much. In art what is more important than any one idea is the execution of the ideas you are working with. A solid simple idea, well worked, can become something profound and valuable. So ideas may be cheap, but they are the seeds that, with proper care, can grow into fruitful trees.

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