Month: May 2013

Anne Bogart


I am late with this blog and I feel the pressure of time on my back.  I work on the blog in the five minutes before leaving for rehearsal or on a plane in an uncomfortable seat.  Afterwards of… more
Ellen Lauren

Getty Villa Day 6 May, 2013

Day 6, An early morning after reading the Persians last night. The fog and clouds giving way to a pure light that etches everything with such clarity. The beauty is almost too much, overwhelming to… more
Will Bond

Getty Villa Readings Day 7

Bondo:  Getty Villa Day 7 May 19, 2013 We are tired ... and .... Sunday was our 3rd and final public reading of the Greeks.  We read Euripides' ION.  We arrived at the villa for training at 10:30… more
Ellen Lauren

In Search of Stillness

I’VE BEEN HAVING A DIFFICULT TIME SITTING still to write about stillness. What does the study and practice of stillness entail for the theatre artist? Perhaps my difficulty is an illustration of… more
Will Bond

Getty Villa Play Readings 2013

Members of the SITI company are back at the Getty Villa in Los Angeles to begin our third residency to read and develop a production to be premiered here at the Getty Villa in the summer of 2014.… more
Ellen Lauren

Getty Villa Day 1 , May 2013

Upon beginning our residency of readings at the Getty Villa with GM, J.Ed, Ellen, Kelly, Bondo, Anne, Jessica Hanna 2013. DAY ONE   We are back. Into the blazing sunlight, the heat of the valley… more