<strong><strong>Megan E Carter</strong></strong>, Producing Director<br>(She/Her)
Megan E Carter, Producing Director

Mcarter (at)
212.868.0860 ext. 105

<strong><strong>Megan Paradis Hanley</strong></strong>, Community Engagement Manager<br>(She/Her)
Megan Paradis Hanley, Community Engagement Manager

mhanley (at)
212.868.0860 ext. 104

<strong><strong>Jonathan Taylor</strong></strong>, Producing Associate<br>(He/Him)
Jonathan Taylor, Producing Associate

jonathan (at)
212.868.0860 ext. 102

SITI Archive Team

<strong><strong>Sharon Lehner</strong></strong>, Consulting Archivist<br>(She/Her)
Sharon Lehner, Consulting Archivist

Archive (at)

<strong>Dominic Jordan-Grier</strong>, Processing Archivist<br>(They/Them)<br>
Dominic Jordan-Grier, Processing Archivist

Archive (at)

Pentacle (DanceWorks, Inc.)

a non-profit management support organization for the performing arts, Mara Greenberg, Director/Ivan Sygoda, Founding Director.

75 Broad Street, Suite # 304 
New York, NY 10004-2415 
Sandy Garcia, Director of Booking 
212.278.8111 x3425
sandyg (at)


Attorney: Christopher L. Healy
Auditor: Schall & Ashenfarb Certified Public Accountants, LLC
Fundraising: A. D. Hamingson & Associates
Special Events: Second Bolt
Press Agent: John Wyszniewski at Everyman Agency

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SITI Company Administrative Offices:
520 8th Avenue, Suite 310
(located between 36 & 37 Street)