Production History

FALLING & LOVING — Premiere: September 2019
Broadcast Premiere AllArts October 2020

FALLING & LOVING is an interdisciplinary production combining the forces of Elizabeth Streb and her company, STREB EXTREME ACTION; with world-renowned theater director, Anne Bogart and SITI Company; and playwright Charles L Mee. FALLING & LOVING combines STREB’s signature movement style – which thrills audiences with choreographed feats of physicality, scientifically planned chaos, strength, risk, grace and elegance – with SITI Company’s eloquent interpretations of Mee’s stunning language.

“A brilliant new dance-theater piece.” -NJ ARTS

Three Sisters — Premiere: May 2021

May 20-22, 2021
The Drama Centre Theatre, Singapore
Streaming VOD June 5-12, 2021

Three Sisters, by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, stands as one of the most outstanding plays of his career. Olga, Masha, and Irina – the titular sisters – fritter away their lives in a provincial town, while they dream of returning to the cosmopolitan city where they grew up.   

Chronicling their tangled relationships, ordinary frustrations and search for meaning, the play opens a moving window into the human condition, and reveals Chekhov’s profound understanding of universal themes.   

In this new hybrid work co-created by Singapore Mandarin theatre company Nine Years Theatre (NYT) and the SITI Company from New York, this classic play is re-imagined as a memory-scape of Irina, the youngest sister. The NYT actors will be performing alongside cinematic projections of SITI Company actors that allude to visual memories in the mind. The heart-wrenching story is then told through a juxtaposition of live bodies and virtual presence, heightening the tragi-comedic sentiments of these Chekhovian characters in an absurd world. 

Don’t miss this version of Three Sisters that brings together the creativity of the two companies to share a timeless story, in a way that is also a quirky response to the current global “unnormal.” 


《三姐妹》是俄罗斯剧作家契柯夫最杰出的剧作之一,故事围绕住在一个小省城里的三姐妹 — 奥尔加、玛莎和伊琳娜。她们各有憧憬却没有实际行动,只能盼望着能重返承载了童年美好回忆的莫斯科,最终在空想中虚度了生命。 




The Bacchae — Premiere: September 2018

Packed with striking scenes, frenzied emotion and choral songs of great power and beauty, The Bacchae is considered to be one of Euripides’s greatest surviving works. Dionysus, the god of wine, ritual madness, fertility and theater, returns in disguise to his birthplace in Greece.

Hanjo — Premiere: October 2017

Based on a 14th-century noh play with the same title, Hanjo, by provocative Japanese author Yukio Mishima (1925-1970), is a timeless tale of love, loneliness and betrayal. New York’s beloved SITI Company unveils Mishima’s story as a bilingual triptych in which the actors rotate through each character role. The production weaves noh theater’s elegance, expressiveness and economy, together with techniques of contemporary theater, to shed light on identity, gender, language, and ultimately the art of acting. Performed in English and Japanese.

Chess Match No. 5 — Premiere: March 2017

Chess Match No. 5 is a innovative play by Jocelyn Clarke, based on texts from the many public conversations with American composer, writer, artist, and philosopher John Cage. SITI actors Will Bond and Ellen Lauren create a unique live art performance, part chess game and part music happening, which explores the words and ideas of a visionary artist. Come experience the wide-open mind-bending brilliance of Cage’s insights about the world, about art and music, philosophy and the adventures that life presents through the conversations that he engaged in throughout his life. Dense and humorous, graceful and penetrating, this is SITI Company in an adventurous mood, landing lightly upon the profound truths to which we all can relate.

Lost in the Stars — Premiere: January 2017

CAP UCLA, in partnership with Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, welcomed back NYC’s SITI Company with an all-new production of Kurt Weill’s Lost in the Stars directed by Anne Bogart with music direction by Jeffrey Kahane. For his final Broadway score, Weill gave passionate voice to this powerful, uncompromising social indictment of apartheid South Africa. He and his librettist Maxwell Anderson adapted Alan Paton’s great novel Cry, the Beloved Country for the Broadway stage in 1949.

the theater is a blank page — Premiere: April 2015

the theater is a blank page is a collaboration between SITI Company and the visual artist Ann Hamilton, winner of the National Medal of Arts. This immersive and interdisciplinary performance installation uses the entirety of the theater, leading the audience from the balconies to the production shops to the wings and onto the stage itself.

Persians — Premiere: September 2014

Persians by Aeschylus is the earliest known extant play in the European canon. A deeply mysterious play written in a time when theater as we know it was still being born, about a hubris riddled civilization that was being destroyed by the culture which created the play.

Steel Hammer — Premiere: March 2014

The project was born in a conversation between the composer Julia Wolfe, one of the three composers of Bang on a Can , and Anne Bogart. Julia had written an oratorio entitled Steel Hammer and we began to discuss collaboration between SITI Company and the Bang on a Can All Stars towards a music theater piece that would transform Julia’s oratorio into a dramatic music-theater piece.

The work premiered at Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Humana Festival of New American Plays in 2014, with recorded music. Then, in the fall of 2015, SITI and the musicians of the Bang on a Can All-Stars collaborated to create the fullest version yet of this music-theater piece. This complete realization of Steel Hammer had its first performance at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, before touring around the country throughout the fall and culminating in the New York premiere at BAM in December.

A Rite — Premiere: January 2013

Since its riot-inciting Parisian premiere a century ago, The Rite of Spring has taken on near-mythic status as a symbol of artistic insurrection and a cornerstone of the avant-garde. In A Rite, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company and Anne Bogart’s SITI Company—two ensembles with rich histories—join minds, bodies, and voices to offer this dance-theater celebration of Stravinsky’s incendiary work and its tremendous cultural resonance.

With clutched thighs and fists beating the ground, barefoot performers channel Vaslav Nijinsky’s original 1913 choreography to the crackle of a vintage recording. A shell-shocked WWI vet hears bombs in the opening chords, while an impassioned scholar waxes poetic about the radical structure of Stravinsky’s work. As the maelstrom morphs into chorales sung by the actors and dancers, who are virtually indistinguishable from one another, we tread the raw nerves of a masterpiece, which touches ours in return.

Cafe Variations (Small Version) — Premiere: September 2012

The six actor version of Cafe Variations is a series of vivid and visceral explorations of life, love and identity in this unabashedly romantic celebration of café culture.

Café Variations (Large Version) — Premiere: April 2012

A series of vivid and visceral explorations of life, love and identity cast Gershwin classics in a new light in this unabashedly romantic celebration of café culture.

Trojan Women (After Euripides) — Premiere: September 2011

A highly modernized adaptation of Euripides’ anti-war drama, a meditation on the moments of individual choice that separate death and life, despair and hope, future and past.

American Document — June 2010

American Document (Premiere) with Martha Graham Dance Company
The Joyce Theatre, New York, NY

Antigone — Premiere: October 2009

Irish writer Jocelyn Clarke’s starkly contemporary retelling of Sophocles’ classic tale of family loyalty, patriotism, war and the powers of the state.Teaser copy goes here.

Under Construction — Premiere: March 2009

A collage of America today, inspired by Norman Rockwell and contemporary installation artist Jason Rhoades, Charles Mee’s play juxtaposes the Fifties and the present, red states and blue, where we grew up and where we live now—a piece that is, like America, permanently under construction.

Freshwater — Premiere: Jan/Feb 2009

Virginia Woolf wrote only one play in her lifetime: Freshwater.  Initially composed in 1923 and revised in 1935, the play never enjoyed a professional production in the United States until this landmark collaboration between the WP Theater and SITI Company. This delightful comedy creates a deliberately witty and charming universe peopled by a tribe of artists, friends, and lovers in a lighthearted mood. Legendary director Anne Bogart is at the helm of this theatrical escapade set in a Victorian garden on a summer evening–-the perfect diversion for audiences during the winter of 2009.

“A laugh riot” – The New York Times

“Inarguably Fascinating” – Time Out New York

“Woolf-hounds are bound to be tickled” – NY Daily News

Who Do You Think You Are — Premiere: March 2008

How does the vast labyrinth, the systems and the layers of chemical, muscular and neuronal activity, inform our tiniest interaction?

Radio Macbeth — Premiere: February 2007

Radio Macbeth takes place late at night in the guts of an abandoned theater. Actors circle restlessly around the common shared warmth of a rehearsal table, moving through the bullet of Shakespeare’s briefest and perhaps most magnetic play. Around them, in the perimeter of the space, the ghosts of all previous productions hover and encroach. The spirits of ambition, violence, fortune, fate, free will, hubris, vengeance, pride, indecision, paradox, the eternal male-female conflict and madness flicker and glow. The actors cling to the sanity of words while the chaos of history grows to be undeniably present with them in the room.

Hotel Cassiopeia — Premiere: March 2006

The American artist Joseph Cornell made boxes filled with pocket watches, coiled springs, maps of the stars, a forest of thimbles, parrots, seashells, broken glass, children’s alphabet blocks, brightly colored balls, soap bubbles, whales’ teeth, a colored lithograph of the moon in the night sky, starfish. This piece, written by Charles L. Mee, is a sustained peek into the irrational, miniature, and magical world of Joseph Cornell.

January/February 2005

Intimations for Saxophone, by Sophie Treadwell
Arena Stage, Washington, D.C.

systems/layers — Premiere: September 2004

A multi-disciplinary dance/theater piece that follows eight characters through one day in an urban environment. Louisville music ensemble Rachel’s composed the score and performed live.

Death and the Ploughman — Premiere: April 2004

How do we manage to live full and vibrant lives while death breathes down our neck? Death and the Ploughman, a hauntingly beautiful play written in Germany in 1401, awakens the complex mystery encased in this deeply disturbing question. A man loses his beloved wife in her prime and demands some answers for his ensuing pain. He asks Death to respond. The result is an extraordinarily contemporary exploration of what it means to be alive in the world.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream — Premiere: January 2004

SITI’s first adventure with Shakespeare is born in the land of Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, a place of migration and poverty, stark yet beautiful, full of yearning and dreams.

September 2003

Nicholas & Alexandra
Los Angeles Opera, Los Angeles, CA

January–February 2003

La Dispute, by Marivaux
American Repertory Theatre, Cambridge, MA

July–August 2002

Short Stories
Kaleidoskop Theater Company, Copenhagen, Denmark

Score — Premiere: March 2002

Score is a study of ecstasy, articulation and genius alive in the gloriously passionate relationship between Leonard Bernstein (as portrayed by Tom Nelis) and the music he encountered, played, conducted, wrote and loved.

Bobrauschenbergamerica – March 2001

Hayfever – December 2001

Lilith – October 2001

Room — Premiere: November 2000

The play is about the room to move, the room to breathe, the room to imagine, emotional room, creative room.

War of the Worlds – the Radio Play — Premiere: October 1999

A staged dramatization of the original Orson Welles & Mercury Theater on the Air broadcast.

Bob — Premiere: February 1998

A solo show revolving around the life and times of avant garde theater director Robert Wilson—an engaging perspective on family, art and American culture.

Cabin Pressure – March 1999

Alice’s Adventures – October 1998

Seven Deadly Sins – September 1998

Private Lives – January 1998

Culture of Desire – September 1997

Miss Julie – January 1997

Going, Going, Gone – July 1995

Small Lives/Big Dreams – August 1994

Waiting for Romeo – September 1993

The Medium – September 1993

Orestes – September 1992

Dionysus – September 1992