Talking Into the Future 1

Tues Jan 12 '21 8p – 9:30p EDT


A SITI Dialogue Series

With Urban Bush Women and SITI Company

Recognized for their pioneering repertoire, collaborative foundation, and groundbreaking technique, SITI Company has been heralded as one of the most important and successful American theater ensembles working today. As SITI Company’s full-time producing ensemble prepares for its final bow after three decades of virtuosic theater making, this unparalleled team of artists look forward to the future of theatrical ensemble work. Through a series of dialogues and dynamic conversations, SITI Company will invite collaborators and peers to investigate the challenges of our time through a multitude of lenses.  Innovative and inventive, SITI draws on our current moment of questioning and dismantling the status quo to make new connections and unite local and global voices together while shining a light on the next generation of artists and theater makers. In a period of history in which circumstances have unmoored artists and audiences alike, SITI will keep moving forward alongside our peers in vibrant and positive ways.
With the Talking into the Future Series, SITI seeks to create what we call a “gymnasium for the soul,” where we can activate creative friction and bold questions with other companies and collaborators; to explore the art of assembly in all its forms; and amplify the work of other ensembles and theater rebels.

The first in the series will be hosted by the Hopkins Center at Dartmouth College and pairs SITI’s co-artistic directors Anne Bogart and Ellen Lauren with Urban Bush Women’s Founding Artistic Director/Chief Visioning Partner Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and Artistic Director Chanon Judson.  

These innovative female leaders will discuss where both companies are in their respective life cycles, their relationships to the postmodern perspective, and examine how the ensemble structure responds to the qualities of leadership needed for the future.  The discussion will be centered around the framing questions of “Who is at the table?” “Who should be included that isn’t?” and “How do we challenge the old patterns of leadership?”