Sunday December 6
2pm EDT

SITI Big Quiz Thing

An Exciting Trivia Event for the SITI Community 

SITI is thrilled to be partnering with Big Quiz Thing  to present a special SITI-themed trivia event for our community! Form teams with your fellow Friends of SITI, show off your trivia skills to earn points, and compete to win special prizes! 


Winter Training Is Coming.

Three intensives for various experience levels.


SITI Announces Legacy Plan

The SITI Legacy Plan includes the creation of a Living Archive and an exciting 30th Anniversary Season in 2022.

en•sem•ble /ahn-sahm-buhl/

(n.) 1703, “union of parts, parts of a thing taken together,” from French ensembléeall the parts of a thing considered together,” from Late Latin insimulat the same time,” from in- intensive prefix + simulat the same time,” related to similislike, resembling, of the same kind” (see similar). Musical sense of “union of all parts in a performance” in English first attested 1844. Earlier in English as an adverb (mid-15c.), “together, at the same time.

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Ensemble as Lighthouse

Mon Nov 16 2020

I would like to thank you for your warmth and support regarding SITI Company’s recent announcement outlining our upcoming transition. In two years time, during the 2022-23 season, we will reach our… more

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