SITI Company: This Is Not A Handbook

The new SITI Company book is now on sale.

I’ve made friends with the impermanence of the art we make in the theater. It’s good to be able to let something go. We love the theater because it is ephemeral not in spite of it, but a book could be around for years. In the future, I may disagree with some of what I have written. So what do I want to write down to be preserved in time?

Stephen Webber

You might have read in Anne Bogart’s books and/or heard company members say in classes and workshops that SITI doesn’t really believe in character, or that “character is situation.” But this is overly simplistic. It’s true to the degree that we go about solving the issue of character by how we solve each “situation” our productions propose. In fact, this is a company of character actors par excellence, in my opinion. As avant garde or postmodern as we have been labeled, this is a conservatory-trained and traditional group of people who cut their teeth in the regional theater, and performed in countless Christmas Carols and Midsummer Night’s Dreams. But this is not a chapter on character.

Will Bond, SITI Company: This Is Not A Handbook

Ultimately it is the ethos of the SITI Company members who, through thick and thin, shared the load, lifting the company up to make our mutual endeavor possible. They made sure that the plays that we created, and the well being of the company were always more important than any individual concern. 

Anne Bogart, SITI COMPANY: This Is Not A Handbook