Mission Statement

SITI Company is an ensemble-based theater company whose three ongoing components are the creation of new work, the training of young theater artists, and a commitment to international cultural exchange.

About Us

SITI was founded in 1992 by Anne Bogart, Tadashi Suzuki and a group of like-minded artists to redefine and revitalize contemporary theater in the United States through an emphasis on international collaboration.

SITI Company is built on the bedrock of ensemble. We believe that through the practice of collaboration, a group of artists working together over time can have a significant impact on both contemporary theater and the world at large.

Through our performances, educational programs, and collaborations with other artists and thinkers, SITI Company continues to challenge the status quo, to train to achieve artistic excellence in every aspect of our work, and to offer new ways of seeing and of being as both artists and as global citizens.

Our Philosophy

SITI Company is an ensemble of artists, each with their own individual perspectives on the company and its work. Our work as an ensemble is constantly evolving and growing as it moves through and responds to an ever-changing world. Through it all, there are certain philosophical underpinnings that inform all of SITI Company’s work:

  1. All great life-changing work made for the theater has historically been made by companies.
  2. The theater is proposing to the world, alternate ways for a society to organize itself.
  3. The theater is a gymnasium for the soul.
  4. A balance between teaching, learning, and doing is critical for an artist’s life.
  5. The art of the theater rests upon the art of the actor.
  6. International cultural exchange is impossible, therefore we must try.
  7. Training is an essential and central component of a performing artist’s lifestyle, not just their education.