Author: Anne Bogart


I share an ongoing friendly debate with Elizabeth Streb, the remarkable creative force behind the STREB Extreme Action Company.  She insists that she does not use metaphor in her work. I try to… more


I grew up in a Navy family and almost every year we packed up and moved to another state, sometimes even to another country.

Planting Seeds

I am constantly surprised by and reminded of how little control I actually exert over the unfolding events of my own life. My best intentions are often hijacked by distraction.


"The artist's work is to lift people out of their usual sense of their own cosmos into a higher vision of what's going on up there." ~Peter Sellars

Problem, Objective, Task

“If you want to paint anything worthwhile you shouldn’t be afraid of stepping up the pressure.“ -David Hockney Konstantin Stanislavsky did not have a high opinion of his own writing. The… more

The Usefulness of Doubt

"As a writer I exist in a constant state of doubt, and this is not the impediment to my art, it’s the precondition of it." -Stacy D’Erasmo

Still Under Construction

About five years ago, the members of SITI Company began to ask a difficult question: are we an institution or are we a company? What is the future of SITI?  Should it continue indefinitely under… more

I, Too, Am Ebenezer

This month SITI Company is in rehearsals for a brand-new production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  The look of surprise on peoples’ faces when I say that our next production is A… more

Secret Messages in Service of Hope

In September of 1970, at the age of 19, I traveled to Athens, Greece to spend a year studying archeology, Greek history, ancient Greek theater, and modern Greek language. At the time, Greece was ruled… more

Theatre 2.0

On Memorial Day weekend, for the first time in a year and a half, I attended the theater.


In 1993, very early on in SITI Company’s 30-year history, I proposed a project that would ask the question “Who are we becoming in light of the emerging technologies?”  The result became SITI… more