SITI Alumni Network

In our final year, we are looking to strengthen our connections to everyone who has trained with SITI and to create a self-sustaining network of likeminded artists that will live beyond SITI Company. Help us spread the word about this data collection and the alumni network we are building by sharing this page with fellow alums, especially folks from the early years (we didn’t have a database then!) Please make sure we have your most up-to-date information here. Thank you for training with SITI!


SITI welcomes artists to submit content to be included in SITI’s Newsletter and Social Media. We are excited to share the work of artists in our community. The Friends of SITI section is for artists with an ongoing relationship of training or collaboration with SITI Company.

SITI sends a newsletter in the first or second week of each month. Newsletter timing cannot be re-scheduled at the request of a Friend of SITI. We will do our best to publish and promote all events submitted, but we cannot guarantee that all submitted content will be posted.

Please contact Megan Paradis Hanley at mhanley (at)siti(dot)org with any questions.

Event Submission Form