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Join us on Monday, October 4 for a Benefit in support of SITI and our Legacy Plan


SITI Announces Legacy Plan

The SITI Legacy Plan includes the creation of a Living Archive and an exciting 30th Anniversary Season in 2022.

en•sem•ble /ahn-sahm-buhl/

(n.) 1703, “union of parts, parts of a thing taken together,” from French ensembléeall the parts of a thing considered together,” from Late Latin insimulat the same time,” from in- intensive prefix + simulat the same time,” related to similislike, resembling, of the same kind” (see similar). Musical sense of “union of all parts in a performance” in English first attested 1844. Earlier in English as an adverb (mid-15c.), “together, at the same time.

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Theatre 2.0

Tue Sep 21 2021

mood to break my year-and-a-half live theater fast, even though it was to be outside and safely distanced.  I simply did not feel ready.