2nd to the last week of 1st semester!!

Dec 15, 2013

Hey all,

Barney here. Hard to believe it but we just finished up our 2nd to the last week of the 1st semester. It’s gone so quickly and so beautifully. This was a very special week as it was the final composition showings for invited guests based on the participants work on the Persians that we will be doing at the Getty Villa in the summer of 2014. This is a great opportunity for SITI Company to see what the play might be and also what it doesn’t want to be. The 4 compositions were amazing and strong and WILDLY different which is a testament to the diversity of our group! The week ended in a very special way as we took the last 3 days for SITI Company’s Creative Lab. Creative lab is literally a laboratory for SITI to work out ideas for our next big show. Normally it is just the company but Ellen had the brilliant idea of including the Conservatory, as they already have great insight into the material. So we ALL worked together unpacking this very difficult material.

There was even 1 day where we had the ENTIRE SITI acting company together along with Darron and Brian for the read through of the play! It is so rare that we are all able to be together so this was a very special occasion. J. Ed came back from UCLA, for winter recess, and Bondo came down from Skidmore too! What a very special and moving thing for us.

A lot of great work and good discoveries were made as we sniff around the material.

We also enjoyed our annual Holiday party at Anne’s. It was a lovely evening and Megan cooked a ton of food, as she knew we were all in Creative Lab and would need to eat! Thanks Megan!

Big snow storm here yesterday. My dog loved it. It was pretty for a while but then turned into an icey mess!

OK, one more week to go then we all get a much needed break!!