PERSIANS journal for Monday, August 18

Aug 20, 2014

Monday, August 18; the first day of our 5th week here @Getty Villa. From today, we’ve got into the new schedule from 1pm to 9pm so we can have more night time at the outside theatre. We engaged in the end of the play almost whole day. After the training we went to the staging mode without practicing specials: songs, movement, choral speaking, ancient Greek text. So I’d planned the training session thinking about; slow beginning for the bodies which came back from 1 day off and doing simple basic exercise but speaking a lot kind of texts from the play asking some feedbacks from each leaders. It was tricky to cram everything into 20 minutes.  – up & down in position 1. – Stomping with gestures from Stasimon #1, then Shakuhachi speaking Parodos stanza #1, 2 in ancient Greek. – feedback from Stephen; don’t slow down for being together. More consideration is required for breathing together. – Basic #1 speaking Parodos stanza #1. – Basic #2 speaking Parodos stanza #3. – feedback from Ellen; we should consider more pitch variety for each text. How to begin. – Standing statue speaking Exodos antistrophe E. We changed Xerxes (GM) entrance. This scene, the end of play looks simple at a glance of the script (Xerxes v.s. Chorus) but actually it is a true wild animal. We talked a lot. Different kind of ideas came in at once. We tried again and again. Back to original idea, then found another question… (I’m sorry to be brief here about our process but it was indeed dense.) This photo looks like we are rehearsing but it was taken during our last break. 

I ate this ↓ for my night snack. I believe it will help me.

Best, akiko