PERSIANS journal for Thursday, August 7

Aug 09, 2014

At the last part of the rehearsal, we experimented the entrance of Messenger. With Emily’s brilliant idea, we ran around holding the edge of huge fabric which is hung from the top of balcony. Filled with the wind, it looked like the sails of boats, or restless waves, or the deep breathing of the museum building.
It was another inspiring day.  

As J.Ed mentioned yesterday on his journal, we are on the 8 hours rehearsal shift.  Began with training at the auditorium, and doing specials (song, movement & choral speech), then staging outside.

Getty Villa’s outdoor theatre has marble floor. It is black and gorgeous. Solid and hard. And hard to our body. My body is screaming here and there.

When I got back to the apartment at Marina del Ray, I found the jacuzzi was not crowded. So I soaked in it for 30 minutes mumbling Persian’s text.  I hope the couples cuddling in the hot water didn’t care about me.

OK. Back to my room… I screamed. 
I left my script at the theatre!?? I wailed. Woe. Woe. It can’t be true. Why am I so careless? 
Luckily, I have the digital script in my MacBook. Sigh… Thank you, Leon, for sharing your handwriting memo.

Anyway, the process has been challenging but we go forward everyday.


Today’s training @auditorium (for my memorandum):
up & down in position 2
up & down in position 1 —> slide 45 degree
up & down in position 6 —> Agura (sit cross-legged) —> big slide forward & backward
basic #2 (with high toe, opposite arm up)
basic #3 speaking the stanza #2 in ancient Greek
basic #4 speaking the stanza #3 in English
slowten: 2 crosses – neutral, foot landing from toe / free style —> open viewpoints session