PERSIANS journal for Wednesday, August 27

Aug 28, 2014

Invited Dress rehearsal from 8pm. We did it! Learned a lot more about our “Persians” performing in front of some 100 audience. Thank you to people who came.
10:02pm I saw some Getty staff were still there, huddling at the center of stage. How lucky we are! supported by amazing people.

It was a long day. 
2p Training 
– walking on ♪Afro Celt Sound System, with gesture thinking about Exodos/Epode
– basic #3 speaking Stasimon #2 (difficult… with new vocal score)
– slow ten speaking Epode in Ancient Greek —> short open viewpoints session
2:30p Shelby notes on Ancient Greek (making some progress. thank you.)
3:00p Victor notes on song & text (much appreciated, too. His advice is very practical.)
3:30p Work notes from Anne, then went outside to check in some staging changes.
I should remember Anne’s words “Quality of openness” “Suspended moment”
5:30p Dinner provided by Getty.  Yum!
6:30p Company warm up.  Too many things to check in. I kept screaming in my mind, Ahhhhhhhh…
7:20p Half hour
8p Invited Dress
Our favorite cameraman, Craig was in the audience shooting still photos.
After the show, a company photo was shot.
There were our executive director Michelle Preston, former SITI executive director Megan Wanlass & her cute daughter Imogen, too.
Good night.
much love,