SITI Conservatory Spotlight: Akhshay Gandhi

Apr 26, 2017

Throughout the Conservatory year, we are spotlighting each of the 18 artists training with us full time. This week, we are happy to highlight the work of Akhshay Gandhi. Don’t miss the Conservatory artists’ upcoming production of Chuck Mee’s Adam and Evie. Tickets are now available at: 

What is your name, and where in the world are you from?

Akhshay Gandhi from Bangalore, India

 What kind of work do you make? 

I am a performer and director. Usually my work is devised performances shaped from investigation and exploration of a specific phenomena rather concept.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the Conservatory so far?

The quest to discover and rediscover what it is to be an Artist. What it is to be a human being?

What in your creative life are you proudest of?  

I am proudest of being able to live a life of an Artist, continue to exchange and practice possibly the most fascinating human aspect of our ability of keeping our diversity and similarity in same embrace.

Tell us about a piece of art that has recently inspired you.

Chess Match No. 5 by SITI. Not only because of how profoundly it brings Art & Artist as matter but also because it keeps the human experience at centre stage, which otherwise becomes a tool (as experience of human condition, through actors) for story or concept or whatever the artist want to say. Seeing it evolve over 3 performance I saw, was very inspiring as theatre maker. It clarified why making theatre is not about only using a tool-kit and get blindfolded by expected outcome of these tools but being guided by deeper associations and vision.

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