SITI Conservatory Spotlight: Siir Tilif

May 02, 2017

Each week, SITI spotlights the work of one of our Conservatory artists. This week, we are happy to highlight Siir Tilif. 

What is your name, and where in the world are you from?

My name is Şiir Tilif, I was born in Istanbul, Turkey and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

What kind of work do you make? 

I am an actress. 

What is the most important thing you have learned in the Conservatory so far?

Never assume anything! Let go of what you don’t need. Ask the questions; Why am I on stage? Who am I talking to? Leon Ingulsrud said, “If you say something, see something.” I learned the importance of breathing, having a strong image and connecting the spoken words to my body. I will need to practice that, keep working on that and find my own voice.

What in your creative life are you proudest of?  

I’m proud (and happy) when I get passionate about something, go deep in research and feel the burning necessity of telling that story. Also proud of this play I was in, “Ondt Blod” (Evil Blood), that was about society, diversity, freedom, prejudices and nationalism. It was provocative and invited to healthy debate. We performed for schools during the day and to see young kids be moved by it, be interested, ask questions or be provoked and angry about it, made me proud to tell that story.

Tell us about a piece of art that has recently inspired you.

MOMA. Bouchra Khalili’s The Mapping Journey Project. A series of videos telling the stories of individuals who have been forced by political and economic circumstances to travel illegally. You only saw their hands drawing their journey on a map whilst telling their personal and at times heartbreaking stories in search for a better life. Their voices were heard. It was a strong, visually and conceptually beautiful piece of art. Genius storytelling that dealt with political and ethical issues. It was very moving and made a big impression on me. 

To learn more about Siir’s work, please visit:

Along with the rest of the Conservatory ensemble, Siir is currently working on Chuck Mee’s ADAM & EVIE, which the ConArtists will perform from May 11-13 at Dixon Place. Tickets are now available at