SITI Summer Theater Workshop @Skidmore 2016 is coming!

Mar 09, 2016

Dear  friends;

Please allow me to re-post my personal Skidmore summer memory here again. (I posted this in March 2015 on facebook.) I edited a bit this time.


Before Joining SITI company, I participated the summer workshop @Skidmore College in 1995 & 1996. In those days, my English was a mess. I was in a kind of lost status after quitting from Suzuki Company of Toga. I was in a long distance relationship between the States & Japan for 3 years… Anyway, the training with SITI was hard core; Suzuki Training for Actors, Viewpoints, composition, text and movement. Composition rehearsal was kept going until midnight. I cried every single night hiding from people. BUT!!!!! I met tons of amazing artists around the world and some of us has been still keeping in touch these 20 years. This workshop was truly my life changing experience. Shall we train together this summer?

(photo: super packed curriculum in 1995, hand punched meal card 1996 before the fancy ID card, music sheet of Japanese training song translated to English) — with SITI Company Anne Bogart


hope you are doing well.