the theater is a blank page @Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH: some random thoughts afterwards

May 01, 2015

My dearest friend, Tom asked me “How did it go?”. And I tried my best to answer.  

I’m still digesting about the experience of “the theater is a blank page”. It was deep, meaningful and somehow ephemeral.

Here are some random thoughts.

spaciousness, non hierarchy, time, slowness, no ego, trust, relationship, reading, listening, let it go, architecture, all about viewpoints, practice my mind, zen, patience, requiem, ash, sky/sea/earth, nature, hope, love, embrace imperfection, not trying to control, young & old, conversation without words, prayer for the incidents on the earth…

Love to Ann, Anne, Chuck H, Darron, Brian, James S, Ellen M, Sarah H, Jamie, Chris M, Sonia, Camille, Jane, Sarah W, Aaron, Melonie, Sifiso, Brent, Francesca, Patrick, Sarah S, Bill, Dick, Bob, Chris, Richie, Bruce, Mike, Scott, Rachel, Nicole, Wayne, Henry… all of the production team of Wexner & SITI, cast members & audience members were Gods. I felt I was nothing. But in a good way. 

I thank you.