Welcome to the new SITI Company website!!

Dec 09, 2012

With the launch of this new site, takes on an important new role in our electronic media activity along with our presence on Facebook, Twitter and our groupsite SEE.

SITI Company was one of the first theatre ensembles to have a presence on the world wide web with the launch of “Planet SITI” in the early ’90’s. By today’s standards that website was a very primitive site. I had put it together with the naive thought that it would be cool if our young company had a presence on the web. My brother hosted it on his servers in California as a favor. The only expense was the token charge to register the domain.

No one was sure why we even had a website. I remember Anne showing it off to board members one evening, some of whom had never seen a website. But soon we started having students show up in Saratoga who had never heard of us until they stumbled across us in a web-search, and we began to see, as the rest of the world was seeing, that the web was powerful and potentially important. went through several iterations in its history, and as we approached our 20th Anniversary we decided to do a fundamental overhaul. We were awarded a generous grant from the Taproot Foundation which provided us with a team to re-conceive and re-design the entire site from the ground up. The result is the site you have before you!

Aside from the dramatic change in the look and feel of the site, the most significant change is that the new design allows us to use the site to put much more information out in the world. Our hope is that will become a hub of up-to-date information and material about SITI and our work. A true resource, as well an engaging point of contact between the people who make up this company, and the community which supports it.

Let us know what you think! A truly lively website is never really complete, so as the new site rolls out you’ll see things that are still under construction and evolving. We hope you will feel welcome here and be part of this new on-line home for the SITI Company!

On behalf of the entire company I want to thank our “Taproot Team” who made this all happen: Tim Sanders, Jenny O’Sullivan, Marian Berelowitz, Daisy Lopez, Carlos Haase and Joseph Cravo.

And a big huge shout out to Al Foote who continues to be SITI Company’s knight in shining armor when it comes to the web.


 – Leon Ingulsrud