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Hi all,

Well the last time I blogged was back in our studio, sketching choreographic ideas for Steel Hammer, our collaboration with composer Julia Wolfe and the Bang on a Can All Stars. Now as I write you, I’ve been home for a week, the show was made, performed and our bodies are still recovering. It was definitely an endurance challenge for both performer and audience alike. I’m deeply proud of what we made and so look forward to the next phase when we get to actually put what we made in Louisville together with the band to be performed live. In Louisville we worked with a recording of Julia’s music which was enormously helpful for us, but I think a challenge for an audience. If the band were there playing live, it would have give the audience a little more to hold on to…I think…

A Momentous Week!

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Last week was quite the week!

Our conservatory was back in session after winter recess and all the participants came back with their game faces on! We are deep in already and preparing for the final production as yet to be devised and titled. This is the dream time with the participants, a chance to dream up the production and content, what it looks like, sounds like, feels like and how to go about making it. Leon is teaching a special class called Collaboration that will be soley devoted to devising the final production. There are a ton of great ideas and images and sources already. Should be a blast to put together. These artists are very special and work/collaborate so well together. I expect an awesome show! We’ll let you know the details as we get closer to production in May.

2nd to the last week of 1st semester!!

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Hey all,

Barney here. Hard to believe it but we just finished up our 2nd to the last week of the 1st semester. It’s gone so quickly and so beautifully. This was a very special week as it was the final composition showings for invited guests based on the participants work on the Persians that we will be doing at the Getty Villa in the summer of 2014. This is a great opportunity for SITI Company to see what the play might be and also what it doesn’t want to be. The 4 compositions were amazing and strong and WILDLY different which is a testament to the diversity of our group! The week ended in a very special way as we took the last 3 days for SITI Company’s Creative Lab. Creative lab is literally a laboratory for SITI to work out ideas for our next big show. Normally it is just the company but Ellen had the brilliant idea of including the Conservatory, as they already have great insight into the material. So we ALL worked together unpacking this very difficult material.

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