September 2004
Utah State University in Logan, Utah

A multidisplinary dance/theater piece that follows eight characters through one day in an urban environment. Louisville music ensemble Rachel’s composed the score and performed live. Featuring iconic imagery, systems/layers taps into the associative creativity of the audience. The movement is fluid and precise, capturing the small mysteries of daily life: waking, routine of living, survival, love, desire, and repose. The link between the onstage action and the audience’s imagination is a shared and yet distinctive elixir; the result is a highly personalized, associative journey for every person present.

Beautifully crafted sonic portraits (created primarily with bass, cello, viola and piano) pull fragmented images from the recesses of the brain, as recordings of airport boarding calls sit alongside chirping birds. … Stunning concept-piece about modern urban life.” —Rolling Stone (of the pre-released sountrack)

Note about process:

“From the primitive ages, the human body has been linked with nature as a member in which water and air circulate. People today are equipped with an electronic body in which information circulates, and are thus linked to the world through a network of information by means of this other body. This virtual body of electron flow is drastically changing the mode of communication, while the primitive body still craves beautiful light and wind. The biggest challenge for us is how we can integrate these two types of body…”  —Toyo Ito, architect

Directed and Choreographed by:
Barney O’Hanlon


Created by:
SITI Company and Rachel’s


Music composed by:


Akiko Aizawa, Joseph Araiza, Gian-Murray Gianino, Susan Hightower, Christopher Logan Healy, Ellen Lauren, Lana Lesley and Stephen Webber


Christian Frederickson, Rachel Grimes, Eve Miller and Jason Noble


Costume Design: 
James Schuette


Lighting Design: 
Brian H Scott


Sound Design: 
Darron L West


Gregory King   


Company Stage Manager: 
Elizabeth Moreau


Executive Director:
Megan Wanlass


Commissioned by the Utah State Department of Theatre Arts with support from the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation, ASUSU, and the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and by SITI Company with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.