Past Workshops

Revolution Out Loud

Tues Oct 27 '20 – Sun Nov 01 '20 5:30p – 7:30


Revolution Out Loud
Writing and Speaking with Lani Fu and Ellen Lauren

Sliding Scale $100 – $150 
Tues Oct 27     5:30 – 7:30pm
Thurs Oct 29   5:30 – 7:30pm
Sat Oct 31        12-3pm
Sun Nov 1        12-2:30pm

Inviting artists and activists who need to start speaking their revolution out loud. As a group, we’ll explore tools for crafting and delivering the revolutionary speech you have inside you that the world needs to hear. 

To convince, inform, inspire, or activate, mastering the fundamentals of good delivery demand more than a great idea. Understanding how to identify and follow the structure of a great speech lies at the heart of engaging the audience. Together we’ll study speeches from revolutionaries past and present as well as develop each participant’s distinct perspective. In addition, we’ll practice the relationship between body and voice to build strength and clarity in your virtual performance.  Each artist will work on solo material. Classes will be taught in English. 

Join Lani Fu (Co-Artistic Director of Superhero Clubhouse) and Ellen Lauren (SITI Co-Artistic Director) and for a 4-day, 10-hour intensive exploring writing, analysis, and presentation 

“We have never needed your voice more than now. Analyzing how a speech is put together and what makes it tick has a great deal to do with knowing how to deliver it. Confidence in delivering a clear, complex and urgent argument, will improve you as a performer, a citizen, and I believe, as a person.”

Ellen Lauren

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Who should apply?
This workshop is open to actors, directors, dancers, and performance makers with some prior knowledge of Suzuki and Viewpoints training. Artists who have not trained with SITI before are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Am I learning a speech that I write myself or a speech someone else wrote?
You will choose if you would like to write your own speech or speak a speech by someone else. We encourage you to follow your own interest and choose something exciting to you. 

Can I work on something I’ve already done?

Do I have to speak in English?
It is preferable. All classes will be taught in English. Please note it is our hope to develop this series to include a wide range of languages. 

How to I dress?
Dress to move for the beginning of class. You will be given the opportunity to change into what is most effective for you to deliver your material-training clothes or street wear including shoes. 

Will there be breaks in the class?

What is the culmination of the days?
There will be a final presentation that is open to invited guests.

Do I have to have prior experience in Suzuki or Viewpoints training to participate.?
No. While it will be helpful, no prior experience is necessary



Cost of the workshop:

You will pay a $10 sign-up fee when registering. We will follow up afterwards to organize the payment of your choice.

Notifications will be sent on a rolling basis. We encourage you to apply soon.