In-Person Suzuki & Viewpoints Drop-Ins

BIPOC Alumni

SITI is holding 5 spaces free of charge for BIPOC Alumni to join each Drop-In class. You can reserve one of these spaces by emailing After those spaces are full, artists will be offered a spot on a waitlist or in the following class. 

SITI offers these 5 spaces as a part of a larger effort to diversify our training room. We recognize that having BIPOC representation in each training makes the experience better for all artists and hope this offering will help us to build a safer room for our BIPOC alumni and collaborators. Individual artists’ “free-status” will not be disclosed to faculty or other artists.

Training Text

For all classes, please memorize the following text. Note the breaths are marked and should also be memorized.

Midway text
From The Inferno By Dante Alighieri- English Translation by Robert Pinsky
First Canto:

~*~ indicates a breath point

Midway on our life’s journey I found myself in dark woods

The right road lost. ~*~

To tell about those woods is hard, so tangled and rough

And savage, that thinking of it now I feel the old fear stirring; ~*~

Death is hardly more bitter.