Gian-Murray Gianino

SITI Diary November 4 – 10

There are weeks, days, moments in life where you think you are right on the edge of not being able to handle what is being asked of you. And I know as I re-read that sentence that it seems laughable… more
Anne Bogart

What’s the Question

Questions are the key tool of every theater artist.  Each worthwhile project is animated by curiosity, by questions, by a nagging itch that requires attention. Part of what makes a play endure… more
Ellen Lauren

The Week of Oct 28-Nov 1, 2013

Perhaps it was Isabel’s ability to dissect the situation in Cuba with such compassion and laser-like vision, giving perspective to the artistic situation there, as well as her own state of being…… more
Anne Bogart

Prompts for Anne

For the past several years my blogs on the SITI Company website have been fruitful and useful as I worked towards the completion of a new book of essays entitled What’s the Story. Thanks to the… more
Will Bond

Letter to SITI Conservatory

This week marks an exciting new adventure for SITI company.  Artists from all over the world have committed to spending almost an entire year of their lives to participate in the first year of our… more
Anne Bogart

What’s the Story

I am writing today in West Fulton, New York in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. I am close to finishing a new book of essays entitled What’s the Story. The book is made up of eleven chapters,… more
Anne Bogart


Our capacity to tolerate error depends upon our capacity to tolerate emotion.(Irna Gadd) In 1974 I moved to New York City with the dream of making a life in the theater but first I had to find gainful… more
Anne Bogart


Successful theater requires a combination of technique, content and passion.  Like a three legged milking stool, if one of the legs is missing, the entire enterprise collapses.  No one cares about… more