Anne Bogart

Faith and the Vacuum

One who could make of himself a vacuum into which others might freely enter would become master of all situations. (Okakura Kakuzo)  I probably share with many a terror and trepidation around the… more
Anne Bogart

The Art of Adjustment

The Taoists describe the art of life as the art of constant adjustment to the current surroundings.  Similarly, nothing could be more central to a successful creative process than the ability to… more
Anne Bogart

Allie’s Questionnaire

Allie Lalonde, SITI Company’s wizard of communications and development, is also simultaneously writing her final thesis paper in completion of the MFA requirements for Columbia University’s… more
Anne Bogart

Getting Lost

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.  (André Gide)In 1947 Nina Vance, who at the time had only $2.17 in her handbag but was determined to start a new… more
Anne Bogart

The Business of Busyness

Several years ago the performance artist and composer Laurie Anderson spoke with my directing students at Columbia University and advised them never to relate their dreams to other people. "No one… more
Anne Bogart

Uninterrupted Connection

Several years ago I conducted a ten-day Viewpoints workshop at PlayMakers Repertory Company in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with members of the PlayMakers Company and graduate students from the… more
Ellen Lauren

Persians Diary September 4, 2014

Impressions of a (Press) Opening Persians-Getty Villa Sept 3, 2014  God knows we wondered over the weeks of rehearsal if this could really be done.  Reading and studying 3 different plays over a… more