Will Bond

Getty Villa Play Readings 2013

Members of the SITI company are back at the Getty Villa in Los Angeles to begin our third residency to read and develop a production to be premiered here at the Getty Villa in the summer of 2014.… more
Ellen Lauren

Getty Villa Day 1 , May 2013

Upon beginning our residency of readings at the Getty Villa with GM, J.Ed, Ellen, Kelly, Bondo, Anne, Jessica Hanna 2013. DAY ONE   We are back. Into the blazing sunlight, the heat of the valley… more
Anne Bogart

Longing, Frustration and Desire

The Buddhists propose that pain is caused by personal attachment to desire. Accordingly, I consciously and vigilantly police my own burning desires in order to live closer to and in harmony with the… more
Anne Bogart


The subject of the theater is, at its core, community. The nurturing substance of theater is not only the story that the play relates and the manner in which the story is expressed, but it is also the… more
Anne Bogart

Direct Encounter

At the Theater Communications Group Conference in Baltimore in 2009, “Generation Y” representative Nadira Hira bounded onto the stage and announced that she would not be using any PowerPoint in… more
Anne Bogart

Expectations Create Experience

Human beings are expectation machines. We are constructed physiologically and neurologically to anticipate what will happen next.  This human trait, which almost certainly originated in ancient… more
Anne Bogart

Fact and/or Fiction

Election season is upon us. I watch HBO’s Bill Maher bang his head on the “Real Time” table in despair at the lack of communication that is possible between parties. We wade into a… more
Anne Bogart


Not long after the cataclysmic events of 9/11, I launched a series of one-on-one conversations between myself and various artists and theater people I admired. Open to the general public, the talks… more
Anne Bogart

Reading and Writing

We read and we write. We read the world and at times we write upon it. In order to write effectively we must learn to read well. It is impossible to write without reading first. Great writers are… more
Anne Bogart

Cafe Culture

Artists and inventors rarely create something out of nothing, but rather they use the components that exist already their environment to forge new territory. Innovation results from re-combining… more
Anne Bogart

The Why

The playwright and performer Taylor Mac is constantly developing multiple new projects. He is at work now on a twenty-four hour concert about the history of popular music. He spoke to my students at… more
Anne Bogart

Being Stuck and Getting Unstuck

In early January, during the APAP (Arts Presenters) Conference in New York City, I enjoyed a few quality moments with my friend Mike Ross, Director of the Krannert Center in Champaign-Urbana. We sat… more
Anne Bogart

The Blank Page

SITI Company has just completed a two-week “creative lab” period in which we laid down the initial strokes on the canvas for a new project entitled Café Variations.  Committing those first… more